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Download RNS 315 V.4 Map Update - SD Card filwebl




SD Card V10 with New Navigation Maps for North America SKU: 220-9 Description The fully functional RNS 315 is compatible with the SD Card used in the RNS 305 Radio System. This Card comes with the latest Navigation Data Map Version 10 (V10). This new SD Card comes with the new V10 Maps which will provide you with the most current Navigation Data. The RNS 315 is also fully compatible with the North American Navigation Data found in the RNS 305, in the RNS 315 there are the additional features found in the RNS 305 that are not in the RNS 315. These include Lane Assist, Lane following, Lane changes, Traffic Display, Roadname, Speed Limit, Angle of Drift, Angle of Curve, NavTargets, Dead Reckoning, Compass Heading and NavAlt. You can find the additional features of the RNS 315 by pressing the Mode button and scrolling through the options. This is a one time use card, there are not multiple maps. If you buy a fresh one from a dealer then they will let you use it for the life of the radio. If you want to use the card you need to insert the SD Card into your RNS 315, insert the SD Card then turn on the radio and press the memory button. The navigation program will then start and begin to download the new maps, the navigation program will not stop and the navigation maps will remain in memory until you press the memory button again. The navigation map will show on the Navigation Display. For an overview of this navigation map please refer to the maps included in this document. If you find that the Map is not clear you can zoom in on the map. The map will automatically scale to fit your screen size. While the navigation program is downloading the new maps, your radio will be in MODE9. During this process your radio may continue to produce interference and the battery will drain. If you decide that you want to use the map then you need to insert the SD Card in the memory of the radio. Press the memory button to select the map you wish to use. It is important to note that the Map is a one time use map, there are not multiple maps, you can purchase a new SD card at any time. The updated map will remain in memory until you turn off




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Download RNS 315 V.4 Map Update - SD Card filwebl

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